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Deepawali or Diwali Greeting Card Ideas for Diwali Festival 2017

From a very young stage, I have been fond of art and craft. And thanks to the principal of our catholic school, there was a competition every last Friday of the month. This was another reason why I loved weekends. First one being the utter happiness I got from the relaxation of sleeping late till morning. It was the time of Diwali Festival and time for Diwali Greetings 2017.

Diwali Greeting Card Ideas

Get Diwali Greetings in English and Diwali Greetings in Marathi.

 I remember till now the competition which I always won was Diwali greeting card making competition. Thanks to the innovative mind of my mother and little creative hands of my elder sister, I always ended up making something extra special on the eve of Diwali celebrations in my school.

Diwali Greeting Card Making Ideas

Though we used to steal some of our ideas from the Diwali greeting cards available in art galleries and some from the ever-ready Google, but what we ended up crafting was a unique and exclusive Hand Made Diwali Greeting Cards with Ganesha and his mouse on the front page and rest of the pages filled with colors and other bright ideas suggested by my sister and mother.

Though there were other skillful students present in my class, but somehow in the diwali greeting card making competition, I always mastered as the winner. It was because of this reason that I was excited about other events too.

Diwali Greeting Cards Ideas

I was pampered by my teacher and teased by my classmates that I would be the winner for sure even before the announcement of the actual winner.  And this excitement made me run through the corridor in the second half of the day to look at the list of the winners.

Deepawali Greeting Card Ideas

My Deepawali greeting card was then hung at the school notice board for almost a month till the next competition which was really a proud feeling for me.This not only earned me fame at a school level but also instilled in me the art of creativity. Even in college, I was the one who organized the Deepawali card making competition annually at the cultural fest during the festive season of October- November.

Deepawali Greetings Card Ideas

Even though I could not be the winner during the college times as I was the part of organizing team, but I loved how students used to come up with end number of ideas to decorate their Diwali greeting cards. The winner was usually given a cash prize at the end of the fest.That feeling was also awesome while making Diwali greetings.

This craze for card making is so strong that till date, I make a diwali greeting card on my own for either my relatives or friends. Since it is one of my sweetest childhood memories, I have always cherished those cards and have always carried forward the idea of presenting atleast one diwali or deepawali greeting card to someone on the occasion of Diwali.

Get Animated GIF Diwali 2017 free here on Diwali Greetings and send wishes to loved once by animated images and Messages.

Animated Diwali Greetings GIFS and Cards this Deepawali 2017

India is one of the developing countries and it contains more festivals, among all Deepavali or Diwali is considered as one of the famous festivals which can be celebrated by all Hindu religion people and for this festival here are the Animated Diwali Greetings.

It is the brightest and biggest Hindu festival. Send Diwali Greetings to your friends. Diwali is celebrated in every year during the Karthika month, as per Gregorian calendar this festival come during autumn season. Send Happy Diwali GIF for whats app, Animated GIF DiwaliDiwali Greeting Cards in HindiDiwali Greetings in Marathi and Diwali Messages in English to your near and dear ones.

Get Animated Diwali Greetings and GIFS Wishes this 2016 Diwali :

 It is considered as a festival of lights and you can show your affection and love by presenting gifts to your loved ones. Diwali festival is observed for five days begin from Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. Diwali is the special occasion, it is the time to bring all family and friends together to share their happiness, prosperity and enjoy.  At this time people put an effort to express their wishes to everywhere by providing sweets and gifts. Hope you enjoyed these GIF Images for Diwali.

The most appropriate path to wish Diwali is to give Handmade Diwali greeting cards. The culture and customs are different in every state and country, but the main motivation to hope for success and wealth for everybody. At  Diwali time all family will join together and eat delicious snacks and sweets along with this they burst firecrackers.

Diwali Animated Greeting Cards and GiF Images For Different Types Of People:

Kids greeting cards ideas: Kids are fond of lights and colors of Diwali. The main enjoyment for the children on Diwali Occasion is to burst crackers. Children like animated diwali greetings and it comes with varieties of colors. While picking greeting cards for children select the cards which contain graphics, cartoon and animation. The recent cartoon characters are very famous among kids. Bursting firecrackers, cartoon characters, balloons, etc., will make the children more happiness in Diwali.

Family Animation Greeting cards Diwali 2016: While choosing greeting cards for your family pick the one which conveys your thoughts and sentiments. Simple “Happy Diwali” won’t provide great impact among your family members, but poetic or lyric cards work.  This type of greeting cards surely niches to convey your wishes to your loved ones. Bright color, elegant design and tasteful decorations will make a perfect choice.

Diwali greetings messages and GIF Images for Neighbors and Friends: Before selecting the greeting card for friends and neighbors you must think about the taste of the receiver. For your close friend you can pick a card with funny cartoons and jokes. For the other you can choose simple, pretty cards with pleasant quotes regarding Diwali with its special meaning.

How To Choose Animated Deepawali Greeting Cards & diwali gifs:

Diwali Greeting Cards, coming with several varieties when you want excitement, greeting card with animation is the best choice.  Cards will serve for many purposes, for example, you can say thank you, sorry, a happy holiday, congratulations, get well soon, etc. To show all the affection and emotion it plays a major role.  You can also give animated diwali greetings to your family and friends not only bring out the lights of colors it will also entertain them as well for the festivals. 

If you decided to give greeting cards you have chosen the option whether you want to send by online or directly giving by the cards. This type of Animated Diwali Greetings cards  & Gif images pictures will make everyone happy.

Images of Handmade Diwali Cards 2017 | Hand made Diwali Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t love the idea of handmade stuff. And when Diwali season comes, all kids are excited about it. Diwali, for us has always meant so grand and festive. The sweets, the d├ęcor, the cleanliness, the togetherness is all what Diwali is about. We, as children were fond of Diwali because of one specific reason: Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards. Send Diwali Greetings 2017 & Diwali Greeting Messages

Handmade Diwali Greeting Card Ideas

I, being the eldest one and interested in handmade stuff have always been keen to make cards at home. Let it be relatives or friends, handmade Deepawali greeting cards were made for everyone. It not only made me happy but also strengthened the bond between me and my closed ones. Handmade stuff is always a relish to everyone’s eyes. It represents the love I have for them and genuineness I have while making it.

Diwali Greetings 2017 

I too enjoy making these Diwali greeting cards Ideas and Images of Handmade Diwali Cards as I get a task to spend the ample amount of time I get in the Diwali holidays. Also, it is a respite I get from helping my parents and maid in the Diwali cleaning schedule. In short, my only task which makes me and my parents happy in the rush- crush environment of Diwali, is the handmade Diwali greeting cards.

They even assist me at times as according to them I am doing some constructive task and unlike my brother, who only doubles the tasks of my parents, I am of some help to them. My father is too good at crafts so he gives me some suggestions, only at his accordance.

Images of Handmade Diwali Cards

I utilize all the stuff I had saved from the fancy sweet boxes, the newspaper cuttings, previous gifted items or art and craft items from the stationery. Google too, is at my service and assists in me giving a brief view of how to make images of handmade Diwali greeting cards. The cards which I have been gifted from my friends also help as it gives me numerous ideas and Images of Handmade Diwali Cards in making an another innovative masterpiece.

Why Diwali is Celebrated?

No doubt the handmade Diwali greetings require effort and time to make, but once made truly represent a token of love and gratitude. Plus, if it is the occasion of Diwali, festivities are always around the corner. The homecoming of relatives one by one may be a little tiresome but for children, it is a time to celebrate and enjoy the various sweets made by my grandmother.

Get Diwali Greetings in Marathi and Diwali Greeting Card Ideas.

 I am always happy with the advent of Diwali as it gives me a chance to enhance my skill in images of handmade Diwali cards and also, it’s a time to get appreciated for it. Make this Clean and Green Diwali Greetings Card Ideas

Happy Diwali Greetings 2017

With the advent of Ganesh Chaturthi, festive bells start to ring. With Diwali coming around the corner, people get excited about the upcoming festivities. I being the youngest in my family is excited about diwali greetings 2017 the most. Get the Diwali Greetings in Marathi and Green Diwali Greetings Card Ideas.

Happy Diwali Greetings 2017

How all my relatives pay visit to our place to exchange Diwali greetings and offerings with us, how we get all dressed up in antique ethnic attire to turn back to their places with equally precious gifts and pious Deepawali greetings. Get Animated Diwali Greetings and share Diwali Greetings in Hindi.

What attracts us as children the most is the wide variety of sweets offered to us or the ones which are prepared by our nannies and daddies. The immense level of satisfaction when our grandparents cocker us by giving homemade ladoos and gujhiyas drenched in ghee, when my elder cousin prepares special dark chocolates and gifts me a huge packing of it as a Diwali greeting, when my dad gives me an extra large offering of pocket money in form of ‘shagun’ is nothing compared to any salaried package my company provides and the Diwali Greeting Cards. Make this diwali special by Diwali Greetings in English.

These small tokens of love simply make the festival even brighter and more colorful. All I do is sit back and think of how to cheer them up with my share of Diwali greetings and gifts. But what I actually come up with is some new and totally weird idea every time and in a try to implement it, I mess up a big time.

Happy Diwali Greetings

Then the only savior is my parents’ old and all time sensible idea of giving shagun or passing on the received presents to the next set of relatives. It might be little boring but it’s the safest and least tiring of all the ideas I have for Handmade Diwali greetings cards.
The festivities are not only about the wishes and presents but it is also about the get-togethers which are the rarest moments we as cousins are able to afford in our busy routines. Re-Union is the best time which is memorable till the next coming Diwali.

The gossip sessions about the cousins missing, the show-off of new traditional attire which we hardly wear the next time, the extra intake of sugar we had promised ourselves not to take more than a bite of, the continuous sarcasm filled insults we hurl upon each other, the running from judgy little eyes of our grandma’s as to when will their daughters lighten up their in-laws homes are the actual reasons why I am super excited about Diwali.

More than the Diwali greetings messages, it is the love and sense of belongingness I experience during the festivities. All these together make up the best time of any year.

I hope you love these really amazing Happy Diwali Greetings Images. You must visit for more Cards and Wishes.

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Diwali Greetings in English & Messages to Make this Diwali Memorable

In the Indian mythology, there are more than three hundred celebrations, including Diwali, celebrated in India consistently. Each of these celebrations has its own significance to different segments of society and has an arrangement of stories behind it, which implements the confidence of the general population in god and the presence of all the positive qualities in this world. One such celebration, which all around commends the triumph of good overall underhanded, is called Deepavali otherwise called Diwali. Diwali Greetings are commended everywhere throughout the world with extraordinary delight and in expectation that it will bring thriving to everybody.

Get Diwali Greetings in English & Diwali Greetings in Hindi on this Most Special Festival Of India:

Diwali is one of most expected celebrations of India. Individuals of any age anticipate the Diwali festivities consistently. Obviously, the arrangements start much before the real day of the celebration. The rich social legacy of India implies that there are numerous celebrations, which are praised in various courses also consistently. Nonetheless, Diwali is the one celebration that is commended in each area, religion and state. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world praise the annihilation of malice from the substance of earth and pray God for peace to rule for the years to come.

The Fine Thoughts To Make The Event Special by Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards Making:

To make the festival more important, you can convey diwali greetings in english to your Indian companions or kindred Indians. The accompanying are thoughts on the best way to make the Diwali cards more exceptional: 

1. Pick the right image for your Diwali greeting cards. You can say your message with the fitting image. Case for your unique somebody, you can pick any of the beautiful Diwali lights and let him or her know that he or she is the light of your life. 

2. Go with your Diwali greeting cards with a blessing. Beside getting a welcome card by acquiring it online or making your own, you can say your message better with a blessing. You can mold a light or get the individual any of the scented candles to run with your cards. You can likewise guide the individual through your card to the rangoli you have made and clarify in the card why the rangoli is connected with the individual. This is proper since Diwali recognizes the Hindu new year and giving of new things are standard. 

Know the History of Diwali and distribute Green Diwali Greetings

3. Recount a story through your diwali greeting in english. There are numerous occasions connected with the Diwali festivity, all delineating the triumph of good. You can make an intricate welcome card by showcasing the essential occasion you have picked be it the arrival of Lord Rama to his kingdom or the liberating of the fifty two Hindu rulers by Guru Har Gobind. 

You can make the card additional unique by comparing such occasions to genuine living. Case in point, in the event that you are an American man who has hitched a lady of the Indian plummet, you can advise her that simply like Guru Har Gobind, who discharged the fifty two prisoners, so has she discharged you from the servitude of depression by turning into your significant other.