Saturday, 9 September 2017

Deepavali Greetings Messages, Cards and Gifts this Diwali

Who does not get excited by the name of Diwali? Everyone does and we get Deepavali Greetings Messages and Diwali Greeting Cards on Diwali.
And what is everyone attracted to. Yeah the reasons can be many ranging from children to elders, but the main attraction for the festival is the celebrations on its advent.

And how does the celebration begin? The celebrations may last for a week or two but the process of exchanging presents is something we can never really ignore. Deepawali gifts are the perks of the festive season.

Diwali Greeting Cards and gifts may include wide variety of sweets, bakery products, assorted cookies, relishing juices and much more. Not just the edible items, Diwali gifts may also consist of gold coins from Grandparents, apparels from Mum - Dad and pecuniary tokens from other elders. So this is a sort of exchange money festival. My grandparents will give to my parents, my aunt and uncle. They will give to their children and siblings. So in short, each one will get exchanged gifts. That's how Diwali gifts bring us closer.

One thing which we as kids like about Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards and gifts is we are given so much of importance that every elder member in the house takes us to the market or include us in the discussions related to the exchange of Diwali Greetings gifts.

Our opinion is given priority and the gifts which have to be presented to random relatives or distant cousins are chosen from the gifts which have been discarded by us.

Now that's the irony of this festival. Ganesha and Laxmi ji, who are considered as deities of money showering gods, are beautifully seated in our homes on the occasion of Diwali. We pray them to shower their blessings on us and fill our pockets with wealth whereas we ourselves are busy distributing the money we have in our pockets to our relatives in form of Deepavali Greetings Messages and gifts and expecting the same from them as return gifts.

 No doubt this is a custom of sharing happiness amongst our knowns and an excuse to visit the relatives we have not met for the whole year, but the chaos we make while deciding the Diwali Greeting Messages gifts is some topic which we discuss for the next year and promise that the same wont happen whereas we all know what is going to happen.

 That's the way human tendency is to get Deepavali Greetings Messages.

To sum up, all we can say is Indians, divided by states and culture are united by the same.


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