Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Deepawali or Diwali Greeting Card Ideas for Diwali Festival 2016

From a very young stage, I have been fond of art and craft. And thanks to the principal of our catholic school, there was a competition every last Friday of the month. This was another reason why I loved weekends. First one being the utter happiness I got from the relaxation of sleeping late till morning. It was the time of Diwali Festival and time for Diwali Greetings 2016.

Here you will find creative Deepawali or Diwali Greeting Card Ideas for Diwali Festival 2016

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 I remember till now the competition which I always won was Diwali greeting card making competition. Thanks to the innovative mind of my mother and little creative hands of my elder sister, I always ended up making something extra special on the eve of Diwali celebrations in my school.

Though we used to steal some of our ideas from the Diwali greeting cards available in art galleries and some from the ever-ready Google, but what we ended up crafting was a unique and exclusive Hand Made Diwali Greeting Cards with Ganesha and his mouse on the front page and rest of the pages filled with colors and other bright ideas suggested by my sister and mother.

Though there were other skillful students present in my class, but somehow in the diwali greeting card making competition, I always mastered as the winner. It was because of this reason that I was excited about other events too.

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I was pampered by my teacher and teased by my classmates that I would be the winner for sure even before the announcement of the actual winner.  And this excitement made me run through the corridor in the second half of the day to look at the list of the winners.

My Deepawali greeting card was then hung at the school notice board for almost a month till the next competition. This not only earned me fame at a school level but also instilled in me the art of creativity. Even in college, I was the one who organized the Deepawali card making competition annually at the cultural fest during the festive season of October- November.

Even though I could not be the winner during the college times as I was the part of organizing team, but I loved how students used to come up with end number of ideas to decorate their diwali greeting cards. The winner was usually given a cash prize at the end of the fest.

This craze for card making is so strong that till date, I make a diwali greeting card on my own for either my relatives or friends. Since it is one of my sweetest childhood memories, I have always cherished those cards and have always carried forward the idea of presenting atleast one diwali or deepawali greeting card to someone on the occasion of Diwali.


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