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Diwali Greetings in Marathi that Caters the Fulfillment of this Rich Festival

One of the most awaited festival “Diwali”, which is a great surprising festival and is a typical celebration amongst all castes and the entire nation comes together to celebrate it in various ways. The basis for the celebration of this festival has several myths; however the most usual one is the mythological event wherein lord Ramar returned to his kingdom after an exile of fourteen years after defeating Ravana. Know Why Diwali is Celebrated?

 Have these Marathi Diwali Greetings 2016 or मराठी दिवाळी ग्रीटिंग्ज

गणेशपूजा, लक्ष्मीपूजा, दीपपूजा दिवाळीला,
उधाण येवो आनंदाला, उत्साहाला, हर्षालहासाला,
वंदन करूया मनोभावे आज त्या मांगल्याला.
दिवाळीच्या अमाप शुभेच्छा…!


दिवाळीची आली पहाट, रांगोळ्यांचा केला थाट
अभ्यंगाला मांडले पाट, उटणी, अत्तरे घमघमाट
लाडू, चकल्या कडबोळ्यांनी सजले ताट
पणत्या दारांत एकशेसाठ, आकाश दिव्यांची झगमगाट!
दिवाळीच्या लक्ष लक्ष शुभेच्छा!


धनलक्ष्मी, धान्यलक्ष्मी, धैर्यलक्ष्मी, शौर्यलक्ष्मी, विद्यालक्ष्मी, कार्यलक्ष्मी, विजयालक्ष्मी, राजलक्ष्मी..!
या दिपावलीत या अष्टलक्ष्मी तुमच्यावर धनाचा वर्षाव करोत, शुभ दिपावली!


पुन्हा एक नवे वर्ष,
पुन्हा एक नवी आशा,
तुमच्या कर्तुत्वाला पुन्हा एक नवी दिशा
नवे स्वप्न, नवे क्षितीज,
सोबत माझ्या दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

Hope you like these मराठी दिवाळी ग्रीटिंग्ज

 During this 5 day long celebration, a key viewpoint is Laxmi Pujan. Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and success is worshiped on this day through customs like aarti, offering desserts, washing the icon in milk and so forth. The readiness for the celebration starts by cleaning the house spic and range. Later aficionados go up against to improving the house with diyas, torans, rangoli and blooms. Indeed the business sector around this time is overflowed with one of a kind enlivening things like skimming blooms, brightening diyas, electronic lights, lamps and a great deal more. 

What Diwali Festival all about?

A standout amongst the most anticipated occasions in the celebration is blasting sparklers. This in truth is the most loved some portion of children who appreciate blasting wafers from shines to loud bombs. The sky is loaded with bright lights that spring up in intriguing examples. Consistently the business sector offers a scope of wafers under classes like rockets, bombs, shines and so forth.
This brilliant range of light is the uncommon appeal of Marathi Diwali Wishes.

 Moreover, Diwali is an extraordinary time when individuals in north side, especially Marathi’s, today impart their bliss and joy to their friends and family and appeal to God for their thriving and pleasantly getting diwali greetings in Marathi to greet everyone. It is the day to express appreciates the warmth and admiration for the relative’s individuals with surprising greeting cards, phenomenal Diwali greeting objects, and extravagant standard Indian desserts. The merriments start with cleaning the home, making Rangoli and cooking delicious Indian treats or desserts for relative’s individuals and visitors. 

Special Diwali Greetings in Marathi this Deepawali Season:

There are various sorts of cards you can look over yet the essential thing to do is to choose the right one. The right decision which will ideally incite the collector to consider you and with fortunes it ought to convey a grin on their face. 

Diwali Marathi Greeting Photo Card:

Circumstances are different thus has the style and method for wishing another for Diwali Greetings in Marathi. The current year's Diwlai welcoming cards top pattern is sending Diwali Marathi photograph cards. 

Whether you need to offer it to your youngsters or your friends and family who live in another nation, photograph cards are the most ideal approach to tell them you give it a second thought. Simply select the photo you need to send away. In any case, ensure that the setting is as per both the photo and the merry season (here Diwali). Keep in mind to send in your great wishes and a short yet sweet quote. 

Diwali Greetings with Paisleys:
Another crisp pattern this year is Diwali cards and Diwali Greetings in Marathi with paisley prints. Thrilling, delightful paisleys give an extremely one of a kind and warm flavor to the cards. Decide on any of the previously mentioned inclines and get guaranteed that your friends and family are going to love your Marathi Diwali welcoming cards this year
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