Thursday, 7 September 2017

Interesting Ideas for Greeting Cards on Diwali 2017

A month before Diwali, people start preparing for this festival and Diwali Greetings 2016 are coming.  They clean their homes, shop for their kids and relatives, think of all the possible ideas to change the d├ęcor of their homes, buy new outfits for the festive season and prepare sweets for the days to come. We as children do what is possible from our end.

I enjoy making greeting cards for Diwali.

I convince my younger sister to indulge with me in the art and craft I start but unable to finish as I find it difficult to make innumerable greeting cards for Diwali because of the long list of friends we both have. As I have started the trend to make greeting cards for Diwali for all my friends, my sister only helps if I promise her to make a few for her friends too.

Since the time of childhood, I have the habit of running from household chores. Making greeting cards for Diwali was an excuse to get rid of the tiresome cleaning tasks my mother used to assign me and my sister. Being the elder one, I could order my little sister to assist me in making greeting cards for Diwali and help mom whenever she needed any help. On the contrary,

I used to sit back and watch favorite Diwali special programmes, munch a few nuts in my mouth and keep myself busy in cutting the exact shapes, decorating them with sparkles and finally completing our numerous greeting cards Diwali.

With sounds of chants in the temple, I woke up early. Finishing all the necessary tasks my father had assigned me, I used to sit down with all the material I had accumulated from past one year. With help of new buntings and borders, I used to prepare Different greeting cards for Diwali.

Some are made solely for the purpose of teasing my friends with pun intended, while others are made for some patient and sincere friends in which I used to add more of catchy wishes and less of fancy ribbons. The simple ones were for the sober category of my friends while the eye catching were for the excited souls I had during my childhood. When I finished distributing the self-made greeting cards to the respective friends, I eagerly waited for the praise from the ones I knew would like and series of funny comments from the ones who could make more elegant than the ones I used to make.

Overall, I enjoyed spending time in making Diwali greeting cards. Some memories are always priceless…!!
Location: India


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