Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Diwali Shopping List 2017

Shopping is a therapy... everyone is well aware of this fact and approves of it completely.
Being a girl, I just love the word shopping and would say yes to it at any point of day. Be it apparels, footwear or any items of home décor, I can always look forward to shopping.

Diwali Shopping List 2017

"Diwali Shopping" , Oh what a wonderful excitement in the word. But Before Buying the First thing needed to be bought is Maa - Laxmi Coin or Any other Silver Coin.

When it comes to Diwali shopping, I am altogether very excited for it. There maybe a second thought on the decision of products included in Diwali shopping but who cares. Shopping is fun even if it means choosing articles for home décor or gifts for our relatives.

Since I belong to a tradition-following family, my parents always have to shop a lot to gather the numerous presents for some cousin's first Diwali after marriage, some one's first Diwali after birth, my taya ji, my chachu, their daughter, her husband, her in-laws, second cousin, their cousins, their friends, friends' friend and the list never ends. When the list is so long, all I have to do is to spend all my holidays in Diwali shopping.

Diwali shopping necessarily doesn't mean only buying the stuff. According to my parents, it includes packing the gifts and then visit the less close relatives with my sister to distribute them. Since I am above eighteen, I am all grown up and should help my parents to lessen their burden and visit the relatives on my own. That is what my parents expect from me.

Despite this factor, there are some perks too. It includes getting all attention from the relatives in form of appreciation as to we have become capable enough to drive on our own and visit the relatives, wow so helping. That comes as a taunt to their children but who cares. We visit once a year to such distant relatives and never bother about bothering them.

Leaving aside the gifting and visiting part, what we as children love about the Diwali shopping is the shopping done for us. That would include buying stuff for our self which is nothing but a bribe we get in exchange of our help to our parents. Also, we might get something new every year, owing to the Diwali offers coming up in the festive season. That may vary on our annual need. Sometimes it is a kitchen appliance. Other times it is an electronic gadget or some homely needs. Whatever it is, we will always include these bills in the name of Diwali shopping.

Thus Diwali shopping brings an opportunity of family time in the festivities.

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